Thursday, February 15, 2007


"Where's Natasha"?...that's what one recent curator said when he came by the gallery one Saturday. For a dog that makes rare appearances here at the gallery, she has quite a following. I had wanted to rescue a dog for at least a year at that point and I knew it was high time to visit the shelter on 110th. It was love at first sight and I know right then and there I had my gallery dog.

Well, I tried everything for transportation with her. A basket on the front of bike - she jumped out. A pet trailer for the back of my bike - she jumped out. A cab - she loves cabs, but a little too costly everyday. I even thought about buying a car to get her here. Fact is, she is just a little too rowdy to be here quite yet. When she settles down, she will be here, by my feet, doing her best to illicit those "isn't she cute" sales.


patrick said...'re a stud! Great to see you yesterday!

Anonymous said...

When you told me you were sleeping with Natasha, I was thinking of a different species.

A quick hello from BK in me soon it's been too long.