Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Some Like it Hot: Aperture Summer Party Benefit

Aperture hosted a wonderful benefit party. There was even a band, The Willowz. It was a blast.

Tom Allen also donated a limited edition print for the occasion!

Sage Sohier

Sage Sohier
Six-Year Old Boy with His Mother, Facial Nerve Center,
Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary, Boston, 2008
24 x 20 inch Chromogenic Print

Sage Sohier's project About Face is a photographic series on reconstructive surgeries at the Facial Nerve Center at the Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary in Boston. Sohier takes a documentary approach to her photographs of the patients before and after the reconstructive surgeries, while containing an element of intimacy between her and the patients. Six-Year Old Boy with His Mother has been purchased by the Museum of Modern Art.

Andrea Mastrovito at the Museum of Arts & Design

Andrea Mastrovito is just one of the selected artists commissioned to create a site-specific installation that displayed the wide range of art forms paper can take on. Located on the lobby ceiling of the Museum of Arts and Design for their exhibit Slash: Paper Under the Knife, Mastrovito's paper installation depicted Christopher Columbus's ship battling through stormy waters. Among Andrea Mastrovito, and alongside his exhibit Love is a four-letter word at the Foley Gallery, Daniel Alcalá and Tom Gallant have also contributed to MAD's examination of the diverse use of paper as an art medium.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Good Times with Lise Sarfati and Mitch Epstein

Last week, Sasha Wolf and I attended a delightful talk at Christie's with Lise Sarfati and Mitch Epstein moderated by Susan Bright. The panel discussion was great...and there was wine. Two talented photographers, art, and wine. What more could you ask for?

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Lydia Panas in February!

Foley Gallery is proud to announce the upcoming exhibition for Lydia Panas' stunning series The Mark of Abel. Her portraits explore the psychological complexities and intricacies that are inherently wound throughout the lives and relationships of people and its affect on later relationships. While some of her subjects assume natural positions, others are wary of the presence of a camera. The interactions between the people and between the camera subconsciously unfold the defining manner in which one wants to be viewed.

The opening reception for Lydia Panas will be on February 4, 2010.

Friday, July 17, 2009

12th Night

Have you seen Twelfth Night in Central Park? It's a little late if you haven't, but the production of The Bacchae is set to start on August 11th. My advice on waiting 7 hours on line is...bring a dog. Natasha was a like a magnet for all good things...including Mimosas from my neighborly friends Sarah & Carrie.

And please...give the guy with the flute a little change. He will mumble little angry words if you don't. I think he's a nice guy.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Breakfast with the Mayor

Yes, I know what you're thinking. A carboard cutout of the Mayor. But, there I am with Mayor Mike Bloomberg at Gracie Mansion back in June. I was invited along with 20 other small business owners from Chelsea and Hell's Kitchen to share breakfast in the early morning hours. It was a surreal event. Pancakes and fruit salad. A little bacon on the side (none for me, thanks). As interesting a personality as he is, the real meet was with Amy Scherber from Amy's Bread. It was perfect timing, as I was just preparing to do my research on opening KOFFIE (more details soon).

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Andre Sie

a view from the Light & Sie gallery

I just received the news today that Andrew Sie passed away. I met Andrew several years ago when I was doing the Photo SF fair. He introduced me to his good friend Stanley Light from Dallas and we quickly became friends. Stanley acquired some work of Thomas Allen that day. I could never imagine that several years later they would open a gallery together in Dallas, Light & Sie and that they would extend an invitation to Tom to show at there.

When Andrew came into town, I always dined well. He did his restaurant research from his computer in Dallas and then he would take me to the newest restaurant here in New York, always a hot spot. Not from being trendy, but by serving fantastic food. He was a great friend and inspired me here to raise the bar with my own gallery. I will greatly miss him. It is a loss to the community. He was a creative mind and had a keen awareness for talent. A gentle soul and a spirited friend.

Thursday, June 25, 2009


I am a little late with this post. Tonight, we are headed to Daniel Cooney and a quick stop at ATM. From last go around, we had a nice adventure. We started on Wednesday at the Museum of the City of New York for the opening of the Dutch Photography show. Honestly, I got as far as the patio. It was such a RARE beautiful night in our rainy nyc spring and the exhibition hall just too attended. There was plenty of room to meet most of the photo world, all seeming to be in attendence. I was met with the "Dutch Ambassador," Rifko from the Witzenhausen gallery. After, a nice talk with Amy Arbus, I exited stage left and headed to see Mary Stuart. If you haven't already, go see it.

The next day it was quite a scene on our floor. The new addition to the 5th floor, Sputnik gallery from Russia, were having their grand opening. Specializing in Russian photography, they are a welcome addition. A few doors down, Witzenhausen opened with the star from the Museum's Dutch photography show. Amazing work and everyone was very intent on getting as CLOSE as they could. Perhaps this is a little too close!

I then traveled to Daniel Cooney (who has another opening tonight). Dan and fellow artist (and my evening's dinner companion) Carrie Levy were right in the thick of things to begin. Tonight should be a special night there with many of my favorite local photographers on the wall or at least leaning against the wall with glass in hand.

Dolly's well worn boot was dealt a lager wash. But really, who would notice...? Well, she did and I did and the camera quickly reappeared before the suds got all soaked the leather and to the sock.

On the street, a new site and not a mirage (although I was a little wobbly at that point) was the food cart from Le Gamin. Also seen, Naomi Harris and Darren Ching form Klompching Gallery. Alway a good sight and the light was particularly kind that night.

The opening spree ended nicely with guest bartender Lori Nix at ClampArt. Packed as usual, but always worth the squeeze.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Some Like It Hot!

Tom Allen has been in town the last few days to help celebrate the Aperture Foundation's first Some Like it Hot! Party. What a Night. Allen was seen throughout the evening with his brand new flip phone...hoping to post the movie sometime soon!

Foley & Allen on our first cocktail of the evening, but not our last.

Christina Caputo and Thomas Allen

Many attendees including John Cowey, Brian Clamp, Denise Wolff and Gerald Slota.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Wilson & Katz Opening

It has been a few weeks, but thought these photos still have shelf life from our opening for Sarah Wilson and Colby Katz. The exhibition runs until the end of July.

Sarah with Darren Ching.

A visit from fellow NYU alum Hank Willis Thomas joins Colby at the opening.

Sam showing off her freshly minted and originally designed tattoo with fellow dealer Sondra Kitchen.

The two stars for the evening say 'night.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Thomas Allen

Tom Allen is enjoying a lot of attention at Ogilvy right now. Curator Jun Lee has chosen 10 significant photographs to exhibit at Ogilvy headquarters on 49th Street. Art Director Dustin Copleand blew everyone away with his hand cut book sculpture that projected Thomas Allen's name in shadow form. This workt is used on the poster to announce the show. Unbelievable.