Tuesday, January 23, 2007

New Kidd in Town

If there is a bigger fan of Allen's work than me, it's Chip Kidd. He's been eyeing Allen's work since the fall of 2004 and since has used his images on three different James Ellroy book covers that were reissued by Vintage. The recent Zoetrope (published by Francis Ford Coppola) was "guest designed" by Kidd using over 30 of Allen's photographs cover to cover. He has recently signed on to write the introduction for Allen's Aperture book due this fall. What a pair.


Tom Hlavac said...

I discovered your blog after bouncing from "Gallery Hopper" :) Your site is very interesting.

My wife has been posting her works at www.fayedietrich.com - she started painting after suffering a serious neck injury, as a form of physio. She captures the beauty of places we visit during our travels, and has had shows at Bowen Island, Vancouver and Prince Rupert.

Faye would be very happy to receive any advice or comments - it would be great if you could take the time to peek.

Tom Hlavac

sue said...