Thursday, June 25, 2009


I am a little late with this post. Tonight, we are headed to Daniel Cooney and a quick stop at ATM. From last go around, we had a nice adventure. We started on Wednesday at the Museum of the City of New York for the opening of the Dutch Photography show. Honestly, I got as far as the patio. It was such a RARE beautiful night in our rainy nyc spring and the exhibition hall just too attended. There was plenty of room to meet most of the photo world, all seeming to be in attendence. I was met with the "Dutch Ambassador," Rifko from the Witzenhausen gallery. After, a nice talk with Amy Arbus, I exited stage left and headed to see Mary Stuart. If you haven't already, go see it.

The next day it was quite a scene on our floor. The new addition to the 5th floor, Sputnik gallery from Russia, were having their grand opening. Specializing in Russian photography, they are a welcome addition. A few doors down, Witzenhausen opened with the star from the Museum's Dutch photography show. Amazing work and everyone was very intent on getting as CLOSE as they could. Perhaps this is a little too close!

I then traveled to Daniel Cooney (who has another opening tonight). Dan and fellow artist (and my evening's dinner companion) Carrie Levy were right in the thick of things to begin. Tonight should be a special night there with many of my favorite local photographers on the wall or at least leaning against the wall with glass in hand.

Dolly's well worn boot was dealt a lager wash. But really, who would notice...? Well, she did and I did and the camera quickly reappeared before the suds got all soaked the leather and to the sock.

On the street, a new site and not a mirage (although I was a little wobbly at that point) was the food cart from Le Gamin. Also seen, Naomi Harris and Darren Ching form Klompching Gallery. Alway a good sight and the light was particularly kind that night.

The opening spree ended nicely with guest bartender Lori Nix at ClampArt. Packed as usual, but always worth the squeeze.